Value creation in startups

Value creation and commercial viability in startups

I have been involved with start ups and smaller companies for over 10 years now and there is still nothing like the energy which comes from people living and breathing their passion. For me, and most other founders, being able to work within the exact field and do the exact things that we are passionate about is what truly creates a meaningful work life. Most founders also dream about being able to make a good living while doing it, but
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5 tips for avoiding distraction

5 tips for avoiding distractions when working on your startup

One of my largest issues with running my startup on the side of my regular job has been finding time to give the startup the focus that it deserves. At least during hours where I am not on my regular job and my energy is not too low. Using vacations, as mention in an earlier post, has really been a great asset to me, where I have been able to be massively creative and productive.
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