About me

AsgerMy name is Asger Stjernholm Johansen. I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I work as a management consultant for Boston Consulting Group by day and pursues exciting ventures or tinkers with gadgets by night. I am also currently involved in angel investing, where I, together with two others, have invested in a total of five companies since 2010 with a single 50 mUSD exit so far.

I have a masters degree in computer science engineering and a graduate certificate in business administration where I finished at the top of my class. I also have a family made up of entrepreneurs, dreamers, project makers and innovators, which has meant that I from a very young age have also been blessed (or cursed) with the bug to make a dent in the universe.

Making a dent also means understanding the world. I have therefore spent most of my twenties travelling the world while either playing football, pursuing ventures or following up on some crazy idea. This has led to more than 4 years playing football and going to school in San Jose, California, 1½ years in different parts of Asia learning Mandarin and building a tech startup and finally a year in the Netherlands learning Dutch and developing my artistic side through painting.